Further for 2013-10-24

Thursday, October 24, 2013
Stop Watching Us
A new star-studded, hard-hitting, anti-NSA video from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, just in time for D.C.'s largest rally yet against mass surveillance slated for Saturday, the 12th anniversary...
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Shuffle Off This Mortal Coil: Court Martial Sees Footage of UK Marines Executing Injured Taliban
In the first case of UK soldiers charged with murder in Afghanistan, a court martial saw footage from a helmet camera of the alleged "battlefield execution" of an injured prisoner by a patrol of...
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The Most Jaw-Droppingly Racist Daily Show Interview Ever Just Cost This GOP Chair His Job
It's tough to pick the highlights from last night's surreal Daily Show interview, in which Aasif Mandvi asked GOP precinct chair Don Yelton about North Carolina's racist new voter ID law. Maybe when...
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McDonald's "Help" Line Suggests Broke Workers Get Food Stamps
Benevolent patriarchs McDonald's like to tout their McResources hotline - "Free help when you need it!" - for employees ineplicably having trouble making ends meet on their lavish $8.25 an hour wage...
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