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What We Lost, What They Got/Learned From Shutdown

by Abby Zimet

So okay, we're finally done with what Elizabeth Warren calls "a completely unnecessary political stunt...for no good purpose and to no productive end." What we got: It cost us $24 billion and, over a couple of years of pointless like-minded GOP obstructionism, almost a million jobs. It led the ever-teachable Ted Cruz to declare the fiasco "an incredible victory," the right-wing wacko Peter King to declare war specifically on the even more right-wing wacko, history-rewriting, Dr. Seuss-reading Cruz and his "theater of the absurd," and all their colleagues to start running around saying they didn't shut down the government ENOUGH which is the fault of their "spineless leaders caving" - as in, to reality. So much for teachable moments. Rachel Maddow sums it up nicely.