Further for 2013-10-10

Thursday, October 10, 2013
A Hard Man to Find: Waters Looking for Israeli de Klerk
Rock icon and BDS activist Roger Waters says a leading Israeli newspaper tried to undercut his opposition to - and de-legitimize the very concept of - Israeli apartheid by removing a key quote in...
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Coming to D.C: Truckers For the Constitution, Arrest of Congress, Iwo Jima, Three Percent Type Revolution and Honkin' Big Ole Traffic Jams
As if things in D.C. weren't chaotic enough, here come a bunch of right-wing, some pissed truckers who plan to shut down the beltway Friday, blocking traffic unless they achieve their goals, which...
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Capitalism Works For Me! (True/False/Explain)
Seeking to take on what for most Americans is a taboo or nonexistent subject, artist and activist Steve Lambert has planted a huge sign in cities across the country asking people to vote - and more...
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A Distinction Without A Difference: Koch Bros Work to Distance Themselves From The (Unpopular, Expensive Etc) Shutdown They Orchestrated
With the shutdown proving predictably disastrous, public polls and media reports slamming the GOP and Harry Reid calling them out on "spending hundreds of millions of dollars to get us to where we...
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