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If Abortion Barbie Becomes Governor of Texas, Will She Teach Legislators the Word 'Contraception'?

by Abby Zimet

In case you were worried, Texas' war on women is going swell, thanks: Family planning clinics are closing, access to birth control is getting ever tougher, the news of Wendy Davis' likely run for governor was swiftly met with a crassly sexist fake  website from K Street and the National Review declaring her a "Democrat for Late-Term Abortion," and oh yeah governor - the only issue it lists is "abortion" - to go along with all the earlier desperate mudslinging. Meanwhile, the state has launched a new $1.2 million website,, said to provide "all the resources needed" for communities to reduce teen pregnancy in a state that ranks third in the country for those pregnancies, which it says occur every ten minutes (can that possibly be right?). It offers a multitude of tips on “community mobilization” and “strategic action” in the name of that oh-so-time-tested practice of abstinence only, but fails to mention the word "contraception." Davis has said she will announce next week if she's running; if she is, wingnut-wise, it's not a moment too soon.