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Sending A Strong Message: Unelected Detroit Officials Shut Off Power Downtown Because Ha That'll Show Residents Who Didn't Cut Back Like He Told 'Em To

by Abby Zimet

Detroit's incompetent autocratic chief compliance officer - who works for the incompetent autocratic emergency manager who was apppointed by the incompetent autocratic GOP governor who helped crash the economy - deliberately, and evidently somewhat bemusedly,  shut down much of the city's power grid on 9/11 to send "a strong message" to ornery residents who failed to listen to him the first time when he warned them to reduce power usage that might threaten an already-burdened infrastructure. No warning of the "precautionary measure" was given, leading to general chaos. Many were not happy. Heat wave, no working anything: What could go wrong?

Reporter: "What do you say to the people who were stuck in elevators in 90-degrees?"

Brown: "I say we’re working very hard to get them out of the elevators."



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