Further for 2013-09-17

Tuesday, September 17, 2013
Miss America Is A Terrorist, But It Gets Worse
Man up, America. The new Miss America is Nina Davuluri, a New York native, Merit Award student in brain behavior and cognitive science who wants to be a doctor - and oh yeah, an Indian-American. Cue...
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Sending A Strong Message: Unelected Detroit Officials Shut Off Power Downtown Because Ha That'll Show Residents Who Didn't Cut Back Like He Told 'Em To
Detroit's incompetent autocratic chief compliance officer - who works for the incompetent autocratic emergency manager who was apppointed by the incompetent autocratic GOP governor who helped crash...
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Guns Are Cool
One more time: A guy - an unstable veteran who drank alot, suffered from anger management and other mental issues, and "had a gun at all times" - killed at least 12 people at a D.C. Navy yard. There...
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