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These Are All Our Children

by Abby Zimet

Just as New York's primary for mayor evidently goes to Bill de Blasio, the progressive candidate most focused on reforming stop-and-frisk, BKLYNR offers a cool new visualization to explain why he needs to. Using clusters of moving dots representing a thousand stops each to detail the NYPD's 530,000 stops last year - who, why, where, the outcome - All The Stops offers compelling proof of what we know, and then some: young black guys are overwhelmingly stopped for often laughably ambiguous reasons, the same ones cited on actual NYPD forms, such as "furtive movements," "suspicious bulges," "wearing clothes commonly used in a crime" and "casing victim or location," a.k.a. looking at something. During the campaign, Bloomberg charged de Blasio with "class warfare" and "racism" for noting that his and his black wife's bi-racial, Afro-wearing teenage son would likely one day get stopped for walking while black. Which isn't racism, but reality, up close and personal, like all politics eventually are.


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