Further for 2013-09-11

Wednesday, September 11, 2013
Florida AG: Nothing More Important Than Seeing Justice Done - aka Killing People - Unless I Am Trying to Raise Money to Get Elected Again
This happened: Florida's GOP attorney general Pam Bondi, a key backer of the state's new so-called Timely Justice Act - which allows the state to hurry up and kill Death Row prisoners before they...
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These Are All Our Children
Just as New York's primary for mayor goes to Bill de Blasio, the progressive candidate most focused on reforming stop-and-frisk, BKLYNR offers a cool visualization showing why he needs to. Using...
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Sorry Sir, But Bull
The most succinct and potent rebuttal we've seen to Obama's Syria speech - its "fanciful speculation," convoluted logic and surreal claims that the world is a better place because we nobly took upon...
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In Colorado, NRA Wins, Everyone Else Loses
Ugh, let's get this over with: NRA-funded gun nuts in Colorado successfully recalled two key Democratic legislators who supported minimal common-sense gun-control - background checks and limiting...
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