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No Tanks: Let's Not Kid About It, the Government Is Afraid of Its Own Citizens

by Abby Zimet

Happily, residents of sweet little Concord, N.H. are saying thanks but no tanks to a proposal to accept a $260,000 grant for a Bearcat - as in, Ballistic Engineered Armor Response Counter Attack Truck - to deal with the pesky "domestic terrorists" - aka peace activists - they actually cite in their request. Scores turned out to blast the city council for the gross militarization of local law enforcement, or what a former marine colonel in Iraq slammed as  "building a domestic army."

“It was presented here as a rescue truck but it’s designed to be a military attack vehicle, to destroy the enemy. So given that, since we have been designated the enemy, we have some concern about that.” - resident Rev. Gray Fitzgerald


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