Further for 2013-08-12

Monday, August 12, 2013
Gaming Surveillance: Obama As Misleading, Control-Freak Dad
All things NSA just keep getting worse. The Atlantic 's Conor Friedersdorf eviscerates, point by mendacious point, Obama's condescending surveillance speech - "the disinformation, the weasel words,...
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L.A. Restaurant Has New 45-Page Water Menu, and We Are Doomed
In case you missed it, Ray's and Stark Bar, an L.A. restaurant and bar, today unveiled the city's most extensive water menu, offering twenty varietials of water from ten countries listed in a 45-page...
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Sigh: And Miles To Go Before We Sleep
So here's a sign at a mall across from a Houston mosque. Obviously it'd be easy to tell the Muslims trying to park from the explosives taped to their foreheads. At least they caused enough of an...
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