Further for 2013-07-11

Thursday, July 11, 2013
No More State Secrets: Judge Allows Lawsuit Against NSA to Go Forward
A judge has ruled the Obama administration cannot cite the ‘state secrets’ privilege to halt a lawsuit against NSA surveillance brought by the Electronic Frontier Foundation years before Edward...
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Turbulence? Or is Snowden on the Move?
This morning the 4-times-a-week Aeroflot flight from Moscow to Havana, Cuba, took off as usual. But then something strange happened: The plane did not follow its normal route. Today's route: Normal...
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The Final American Revolution: Defending the Right of Idiots To Load Shotguns in Public and Kids To Bear Gun-Shaped Partly-Eaten Pop Tarts
While your privacy rights may be at risk, brave souls are working hard to protect your guns. A Texas congressman has introduced a bill to block federal funds from schools that ban playing with...
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A Dead Black Kid
The trial of George Zimmerman - the guy legally presumed innocent even as the kid he killed was presumed guilty - is winding down. MSNBC chose to run a brutal photo of Trayvon Martin's body, as did...
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