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NSA: We Can't Tell You About Our Data on You Because We Got It Covertly So It Must Be Dangerous

by Abby Zimet

Want to know what the NSA has on you? Think the Freedom of Information Act will get it for you? Think again. Clayton Seymour, a 36-year-old IT specialist, Navy veteran, Obama voter and "generally law-abiding citizen" from Ohio, curious about whatever data might exist on him, sent a FOIA request to the NSA. Their response to his request, and reportedly many more like it: We can't tell you, because it's classified. Meaning, the NSA is evidently classifying all its information on everyone, thus enabling them to argue in their Orwellian, Heller-esque way that if they gathered it covertly then it must be dangerous, and if it's dangerous then why would they give it to you, a lowly, non-classified if allegedly Constitutionally-protected citizen? His letter. Read it and weep.



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