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How to Make About $2,000 An Hour On the Taxpayers' Dime Despite A Tawdry Past

by Abby Zimet

Just be David Petraeus, the four-star general, former CIA head and architect of the counter-insurgency theories that worked so well in Iraq and Afghanistan before he was felled by really dumb sexual indiscretions. Despite his massive failures and an ongoing FBI investigation, Petraeus is doing a stint as visiting professor at CUNY - a public school - that will pay him either $200,000 or $150,000 (reports vary) for three hours of work a week, or about eight times the rate for real professors. He's also teaching in South Carolina and working at a massive equity firm, and never mind about his disastrous wars, his ethical failings, his "piss-poor leadership" and his mistreatment of those stuck beneath him in "the asphalt who paved his way to glory." Never let it be said that crime doesn't pay.


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