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Time-Tested: If the FBI Shoots You, It's Always Justified, Says FBI

by Abby Zimet

Despite questions that continue to swirl around the FBI's fatal shooting of an apparently unarmed Ibragim Todashev, possible cohort of the Boston bombing suspects, all FBI shootings since 1993 - including 70 "subjects" killed and 80 wounded - were found to be entirely justified according to internal reviews done by the FBI itself, which is faultless and has no conflict of interest and should know, right? The bureau's findings that they never, ever mess up, released by the New York Times through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, was deemed suspicious by some low-life skeptics, but not us, nope.

"The F.B.I. takes very seriously any shooting incidents involving our agents, and as such we have an effective, time-tested process for addressing them internally.”  - a bureau spokesman.