Further for 2013-05-24

Friday, May 24, 2013
"I Wish That Muhammad Was With Us Now"
Thirteen years after the iconic photo of his shooting helped spark the Second Intifada, Israel has issued a report finding, incredibly, that 12-year-old Muhammad Al-Durra was not killed by Israeli...
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Come Gather 'Round People
A new Gallup poll finds a big drop in Americans who call themselves economic conservatives, and an all-time high - 30% - of those who describe their social views as liberal. Incremental.
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Idiot Guv
Sigh. Another cringeworthy tantrum by Maine's Tea Party "governor" has him storming out of the State House to set up digs elsewhere because Democrats "are saying the Governor of Maine cannot have a...
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Fat Is As Fat Does So Just Learn to Deal, Say Many People to Clueless A&F CEO
Backlash grows to Abercrombie & Fitch's "ostentatious dick" of a CEO Mike Jeffries' wanting just the cool thin kids thanks, despite his non-apology noting that A&F is an "aspiration brand"...
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