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Harden Not Your Hearts: Jury Finds 83-Year-Old Nun Guilty of Nuclear Break-In

by Abby Zimet

Despite pleas they act as "the conscience of your community," a federal jury found an 83-year-old nun and two fellow protesters guilty of interfering with national security last July when, armed with paint, Bibles, white roses and crime-scene tape, they broke into the most secure part of a Tennessee nuclear processing plant known as the “Fort Knox of uranium.” Though over-reaching prosecutors were so embarrassed they threw the first-ever felony charges - with possible sentences of 30 years - at the activists, Sister Megan Rice, Michael Walli and Greg Boertje-Obed had no remorse for their actions and were pleased to reach one of the most secure parts of the facility. Rice, who has been arrested 40 or 50 times for anti-nuclear actions, said she was only sorry she'd waited so long to do it. God bless.

"My regret was I waited 70 years," she said. "It is manufacturing that which can only cause death."