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We're Here In the Open: Teamsters Form Human Shield for Boston Funeral

by Abby Zimet

Declaring it "the right thing to do," as many as a thousand Teamsters and other union members gathered outside the funeral of Boston bombing victim Krystle Campbell to protect it from Westboro Baptist Church, who had announced they would protest it for the usual demented "reasons" - but who were evidently no-shows. Residents had reportedly reached out to the Teamsters Local 25, a longtime major force in the Boston area; Campbell's mother and brother are members of UNITE HERE Local 26, strengthening the community's union bonds. Perhaps as a result, the only sign of Westboro, which has been keeping a low profile since Anonymous took them on, was an incomprehensible tweet The Teamsters responded, "Show your face. We're here in the open." Those thugs.


Show your face. We're here in the open RT : U c us in Boston? look around u