Further for 2013-04-18

Thursday, April 18, 2013
Be Ye Not Afraid: Even With Gay Marriage, the Sun Will Still Rise and Your Teenager Will Still Argue With You
Some good news in a tough week: New Zealand's parliament has legalized same-sex marriage, the first Asia-Pacific country to do so. In tribute, hear a lawmaker give the greatest speech ever on the...
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Bombing Victim in Iconic Photo Helped I.D. Suspect
Jeff Bauman, the bombing victim aided by activist Carlos Arredondo who later lost both legs, wrote he "saw the guy" right before the bomb exploded, Bauman's brother Chris told Bloomberg News. The FBI...
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Movement Is A Human Right (Unless You're From Gaza)
Israel has refused to allow 26 runners from the Gaza Strip to travel to the West Bank for Sunday's first-ever “Right to Movement Palestine Marathon,” organized to focus on the basic right of freedom...
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Stop All the Clocks
The day after his death, a neighbor offered a moving, oh-so-personal tribute to eight-year-old Martin Richard, killed in the Boston blasts, and what his death meant to his family and community. It...
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