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Exxon Has Solution to Arkansas Oil Now in Wetlands: Paper Towels

by Abby Zimet

From the group Tar Sands Blockade, new photos and video from the Arkansas spill showing a scene so bad it's surreal: Oil is now in nearby Lake Conway's wetlands, either intentionally diverted by Exxon to keep it out of sight and away from the (few members of the) media (who have managed to sneak into the area), or naturally drained there from the company's power washing of streets and sidewalks. There is nothing quite like the sight of their solution: a ragged mess of paper towels, specially designed to soak up oil but not water, laid hopefully on the putrid ground. 

Also: A new video on Exxon as the Johnny Appleseed of oil companies, featuring their new lawn immersion systems, or pipelines.

Here is the water in Tuckerman, Arkansas today.

Last week, solutions at work.