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Regrettable Substitution: What Your Sofa May Have Cost the Worker Who Made It, OSHA Notwithstanding

by Abby Zimet

A horrifying, in-depth look by the New York Times at the hazards faced by furniture workers at Royale Comfort Seating plants in North Carolina who are  exposed to the glue chemical n-propyl bromide, or nPB, which causes neurological damage so severe workers “upright cadaverscan't walk or stand, an affliction known as “dead foot.” With an equally horrifying look at how and why OSHA has failed to deal with the long-term threats of such toxins, despite the thousands of Americans working in the same toxic yellow fog in auto body shops, dry-cleaners, electronics manufacturing plants - and tens of thousands dying prematurely as a result.

Coating on the fans, and then the lungs.