Further for 2013-03-20

Wednesday, March 20, 2013
Congress to All Past and Future Innocents: We Barely Sort Of Fought For You
The cave to gun nuts that was Congress' failure to fight for an assault weapons ban has been met with fury, none finer to behold than that of New York's Daily News . Blasting the "spineless pols," "...
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The Last Letter: Tomas Young Savages George Bush and Dick Cheney
Tomas Young, paralyzed veteran and vocal critic of the Iraq War who has said he plans to die in April , has written a final furious message to the men who destroyed his and hundreds of thousands of...
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Hope/Change, Welcome to Apartheid/Occupation
Obama arrived in Israel to pomp and speeches - less than promisingly, he cited the "eternal alliance" between Israel and the U.S. - as well as protests. About 500 people rebuilt the “Bab Al-Shams”...
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