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Die Bitch: Analyst Says Arming Women Is Not Rape Prevention, For Which She Gets Rape/Death Threats

by Abby Zimet

If you needed any more evidence of how far we haven't come: Activist Zerlina Maxwell took part in a debate on Hannity about women and guns, arguing that the solution to rape isn't telling women to get guns or in fact telling women to do anything, but to work toward a culture in which men learn it's not okay to rape. For her trouble, she was subject to what TPM's Josh Marshall calls "a digital lynch mob," ugly beyond belief.

“I think that the entire conversation is wrong. I don’t want anybody to be telling women anything. I don’t want men to be telling me what to wear and how to act, not to drink. And I don’t, honestly, want you to tell me that I needed a gun in order to prevent my rape. In my case, don’t tell me if I’d only had a gun, I wouldn’t have been raped. Don’t put it on me to prevent the rape.

As a rape survivor, the conversation about how to best combat rape and domestic violence is personal and can be very challenging. Rape culture is a pervasive part of our society because of social conditioning. Yet we struggle to find ways to avoid patterns of victim blaming and many of us would rather advise women on the precautions they should take to avoid being raped as opposed to starting at the root of the problem: teaching men and boys not to be rapists in the first place."