Further for 2013-02-21

Thursday, February 21, 2013
Choked To Death On Waste
The appalling evidence mounts. A new study urges our omnipresent plastic debris - 280 million tons last year, less than half recycled, 370 species suffering its effects - be declared "hazardous."...
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We Are Not Puppets of the Bank: Spanish Firefighters Help Block Eviction
Declaring their job is to “serve the public,” not be “puppets of the bank or its servants in the government,” Spanish firefighters joined protesters from Stop Desahucios to halt the eviction of an 85...
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Missouri Is Brilliant: Make Gun Control A Felony, Shoot Gun Control Bills, Teach First-Graders the Same
Amidst an awful ongoing litany of senseless gun deaths - Maryland, California, Nevada - Missouri Republicans have come up with their own singular responses. One wants to make it a crime for lawmakers...
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