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So God Made A Factory Farmer...And Pesticides. And Subsidies. And Corn Syrup. And Mexicans.

by Abby Zimet

After the farmer-themed Dodge Ram ad for the Super Bowl made such a splash, the folks at Funny or Die decided to make a more realistic version of the state of American agriculture, from Monsanto to Gushers. Nailed it. 

And God said: "Granted, the American agricultural industry has evolved into a manufacturing giant that’s more like Walmart than a mom-and-pop store. And it’s backed by powerful interest groups that spend hundreds of millions lobbying Congress. But despite all that, the word 'farmer’ still evokes salt of the earth, American Gothic imagery. And, from a marketing standpoint, that would be a helpful thing to associate with an automaker that nearly went bankrupt due to mismanagement...So God made this commercial."