Further for 2013-02-01

Friday, February 1, 2013
None of These People Posed Any Grave Threat
Israel's army is under criticism by the E.U., U.N. and human rights advocates for a rising number of fatal shootings of young unarmed Palestinians - up to eight last month - in the West Bank, as well...
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Right Wing to SCOTUS: No Marriage Equality Because Gays Don't Really Exist and If They Do They Lobby Too Much and Besides God's Wrath Will Smite Us Down
With the Supreme Court set to hear two key same-sex marriage cases in March - DOMA and Proposition 8 - many right-wing groups are busy filing opposing briefs, from the House GOP to Catholic Bishops...
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Orange Peanuts: I Encompass and I Eclipse, and I Want Cake Now
Just in time for the Super Bowl, Bad Lip Reading takes on the NFL. Froggy voice.
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This Is Only A Drill
Last week Miami residents stared wide-eyed - and sometimes hit the deck - as Blackhawk choppers roared overhead strafing downtown with blank machine-gun fire. City officials said it was "just a...
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