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Nothing Says Freedom Like Yelling Meaningless Phrases at the Grieving Father Of A Newly Dead Six-Year-Old

by Abby Zimet

Just when you think gun freaks - yes: freaks - can't go any lower or stupider, along come some NRA jerks to shout "Second Amendment!" really loud at a gun control hearing as a somber Neil Heslin, whose son Jesse Lewis was killed at Sandy Hook - and who, by the way, grew up with guns - asked why anyone would need to own an assault-style, semiautomatic weapon. Over a thousand people lined up to pack the emotional hearing, including many wearing badges that said, "Responsible Gun Owner." Maybe. But the rabid idiots from the lunatic fringe heckling parents whose first-graders were just massacred for God's sake sure do offer, in all their inappropriate and misplaced rage, a powerful argument for gun control. So do GOP rabid idiots like Chuck Grassley, who today challenged Obama's call for more research on gun control by arguing that gun violence is not a disease and not an epidemic and really not so bad compared to how it used to be except for that pesky little matter of school massacres and this is just a call for state tyranny blah blah blah. Unbelievable.