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A Wave of Negative Impressions, Which Are Accurate, But Still

by Abby Zimet

Change Happens: With Obama's re-election, Allen West's defeat, anti-tax rhetoric fading fast and new polls showing nobody much likes or wants to join the Tea Party - just 8% of voters identify as members, and half view it unfavorably - Tea Partiers scrambling to stay alive have decided to rebrand themselves in South Florida, though the famously quarrelsome factions are arguing about how. Some have renamed themselves the grand-sounding National Liberty Federation. Others are keeping the name but say they have to overhaul their image after becoming "rather unfocused... like a smorgasbord." We like to think their problem isn't about name or image, but substance: Could it be there are actually fewer dumb, racist, misinformed zealots, at least in Florida, than there used to be?

“They won. We lost. They have a message that appeals to the masses. We don’t."

Say what?


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