Further for 2013-01-09

Wednesday, January 9, 2013
Taco Cid: We're Not Fancy, Just Racist and Stupid
Disheartening proof like we needed it that there are many idiots in the world, brought to us by a greasy little taco joint in South Carolina run by illiterate buffoons who have their employees wear...
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Drawing the Line: Wherever It Is, Irate Judge Rules Stop-and-Frisk Crosses It
In a win for civil liberties and a blow to mindless racist harassment, a judge has ordered the NYPD to halt stop-and-frisk actions outside thousands of Bronx buildings, ruling that cops have shown “...
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Mao, Hitler, Reuters, Suicide Pills, the 9/11 Conspiracy and the New World Order: Here's the Best Argument Ever for Gun Control
You know how when you drive past a grisly accident on the road and you don't want to look but you also sorta have to because you're strangely, sickly drawn by the sheer horror? The spewing, spitting...
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