Further for 2013-01-07

Monday, January 7, 2013
Corporations are People, My Friend, Which Is Why One's Riding In My Car With Me
When Jonathan Frieman got stopped and ticketed by a California cop for driving alone in a designated carpool lane, he happily argued he wasn't alone: He had his imaginary friend, his corporation...
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The Logical Solution: Ban Politicians Who Assault Our God-Given, Shoot-'Em-Up Rights, Not Guns, Blah Blah
Hoping to “strike the fear of God in gun-grabbing politicians" and thus prove they're not gonna just roll over amidst all this silly fuss about those poor children at Sandy Hook, a coalition of gun...
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As the World Turns
Oh To Be A Fly on the Wall: Here's John Boehner at the swearing-in ceremony of New York Rep. Sean Maloney, along with Maloney's husband Randy Florke and two of their three children. The same day...
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