Further for 2013-01-03

Thursday, January 3, 2013
The Czech Authentic People's Candidate
Meet Vladimír Franz, composer, professor, artist, lawyer, full-body tattooist, and presidential candidate in Czech Republic's upcoming election, the first since a new law allowing people to vote...
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Violent Crime Down in New York (Except By the Cops)
Year-end statistics out of New York offer an odd juxtaposition: Despite too much ongoing gun violence, homicides declined 19% to a possible record low, even as lawsuits against the NYPD - the target...
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Legitimate Gift of the Day: (Some) Wingnuts Be Gone
Glass Half-Full Dept: Okay, we still have Boehner, barely. But as of noon today, we no longer have a bunch of far-right bigots and jokers and losers who had no earthly right holding positions of...
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