Further for 2012-12-07

Friday, December 7, 2012
Hi Girls! This Holiday Season, Enjoy Your Pink Cleaning Trolley! Your Pink Baby Carriage! Or Your Computer or Microscope, Because Even If They Have Only Half the Functions of the Boys', They're Pink!
If you're shopping for your kids this season you probably know how much awful crap is out there - demeaning, toxic, awful crap. Or do you? Seen the gender-neutral McDonald's Cash Register Playset or...
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The World We Want To Live In: Free Education For All and Pizza by Balloon
Students at New York’s Cooper Union, one of the country's last tuition-free universities, are in their fifth day of occupying a clock tower at the school to protest the administration’s first-ever...
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On Warming, Hunger and Our Ailing Food Supply
On the last day of reportedly woefully inadequate U.N. climate talks in Qatar, a reminder of what's at stake in the vital link between climate change and food supply. With more on the diet-climate...
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The Arsenal of Democracy, and Its Many Days of Infamy
On the 71st anniversary of Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor, a noble narrative is celebrated: A sneak attack prompted the entry of a reluctant America into World War II. But there's a compelling,...
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