Further for 2012-11-14

Wednesday, November 14, 2012
On Freebies: Health Care, Contraception, Student Loans and Oh Yeah, A Pony
So okay, we really hope this is the last time we have to mention this creepy Mittens guy but damn. Romney told rich donors that Obama won the election because he gave out "gifts" to all those pesky...
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Overwhelming Evidence: Grievance Filed on Canada's Failure to Act On Torture Suspect - Bush - On Its Soil
Four torture survivors have filed a complaint against Canada with the U.N. Committee Against Torture for Canada's failure to prosecute George Bush on his visit to B.C. last year, the first such...
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Let's Arrest Health Care Officials and Other Cool Ideas from Wisconsin's Right Wing
Warning: The (relatively) good guys may have won the election, but there's still plenty of crazy around. Thus, nine Tea Party legislators in Wisconsin want to arrest federal officials who come to...
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