Further for 2012-11-13

Tuesday, November 13, 2012
I Love America: Colbert's Super PAC Still Has Lots of Money And Thanks to Our Laws He Gets To Keep It
Having stabbed to death Ham Rove, a bespectacled ham who served as chief strategist for his Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Stephen Colbert closed the Super PAC and, with the help of his...
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The Awesomeness of the Universe and Other Sciencey Things Your Kids Probably Aren't Learning
Talk about your theory of relativity. Last month, 68 Nobel-winning scientists wrote a letter to Obama endorsing his commitment to investing in science "to continue America’s proud legacy of discovery...
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Wannabe Secessionists, Please Go For It
Now that the country has doomed itself by re-electing a commie Muslim Kenyan, unhappy residents of close to 30 states have filed petitions for secession in the right-wing, worst-case version of...
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True Bravery: UPS: 1, BSA: 0
Arguing that "giving means more than writing a check," UPS has joined a growing list of companies severing ties with the Boy Scouts because of its anti-gay policy. The UPS action came in the wake of...
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