Further for 2012-11-02

Friday, November 2, 2012
Planetary Climate Change As Punch Line
A blistering new ad from Forecast the Facts shows Mitt Romney at the GOP convention sneering at the notion of climate change action - with juxtaposed images of the ravages of Sandy. Brilliant, brutal...
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Skewed: Obama Can't Be Ahead Because Nate Silver Says So and He's, Like, Gay
With only days till the election and polls flying around like Mitt flips, the right-wing media has mounted a nasty campaign against New York Times pollster Nate Silver, whose FiveThirtyEight blog has...
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Romney Fans Yell "USA!" Really Loud In the Apparent Belief They Can Thus Make Climate Change Go Away
The remarkable, depressing part of the Virginia incident of a protester heckling Romney on climate change wasn't Mitt's pained, fake, deer-in-the-headlights look - so nu? - but the resolutely moronic...
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Keeping the Spirit Alive (and the Cell Phone Charged)
Amidst the reports of post-Sandy death and destruction around New York, tales of singular resilience, compassion and ingenuity likewise abound: Commandeered hydrants, renegade parades, sidewalk cell-...
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