Further for 2012-11-01

Thursday, November 1, 2012
Yo, Black People! Abe Lincoln Freed the Slaves! He Was A Republican Just Like Us, Sort Of! So Vote GOP!
Things are winding down, or out there, electorally speaking. Now the sketchy, self-described “alternative conservative” super PAC Empower Citizens Network is running a bunch of wacky ads in Ohio,...
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Political Hit Job: What Senate Republicans Don't Want You To See or Know
In an astounding, under-re p orted act of hubris, Senate Republicans a p parently killed a non- partisan economic re port whose findings refute their favorite myth: that tax cuts to the rich hel p...
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Many Iowans Evidently Unhappy With Paper's Romney Endorsement, Judging From Flood of Furious Letters
Iowans are some pissed at the Des Moines Register's inexplicable Romney endorsement, slamming it as temporary insanity, magical thinking and foolishness on a par with their last endorsement of a...
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The Rape Thing
With the election almost here, Washington congressional candidate John Koster barely had time to become the latest Republican to offer a stunningly offensive stand on lady issues, saying he'd allow...
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