Further for 2012-10-12

Friday, October 12, 2012
Glorious Irony: True the Vote Missed Possibly the Only Case of Voter Fraud In the Country - By A GOP Candidate Down the Road
Molly Ivins is gone, but we still have Juanita Jean, owner of "The World’s Most Dangerous Beauty Salon" in Fort Bend, Texas, which is also home to Cathy Engelbretch, Tea Partier, True the Vote...
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OMG! Obama Gay Martian!
Stephen Colbert will save us from ourselves with this hard-hitting report confirming Barack Obama's Martian gayness: He married his teleporting roommate when they visited Mars in a secret CIA program...
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Unlike the Nobel, Practical and Exemplary Answers
With the head-scratching decision to award the Nobel Peace Prize to Europe for not going to war with itself, a look at the "alternative Nobels" from Right Livelihood . They cite four activists...
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