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Mitt's Tax Plan Is Not Mathematically Possible, Say the Lousy Marxists at Brookings, Again

by Abby Zimet

Using the analogy of claiming to drive cross-country in 15 hours without speeding, the right-wing thinkers at Brookings have reiterated their findings in a recent report, by them and the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center, that both candidates have cited: Romney's avowed $5 trillion, "revenue-neutral" tax cuts would have to raise taxes for those making under $200,000, "even when we bent over backwards to make the plan as favorable to Romney as possible." Just in case any of you were still wondering.

"Our conclusion was not a prediction about Governor Romney would do as President, it was an arithmetic calculation: all of the promises couldn't be met simultaneously without resorting to tax increases on households with income below $200,000."