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Hope, Anger, and Courage: NYPD Arrests Veterans For Honoring the Dead

by Abby Zimet

To protest the start of the 12th year of the U.S. war in Afghanistan, military veterans and their allies gathered at New York City's Vietnam Veterans Memorial Plaza to hear speakers, lay flowers and read the names of those killed in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. The NYPD marked the event by arresting 25 people - including an 85-year-old World War Two army veteran - because it was time to "close" the memorial and it was taking too long to read the names. They also reportedly arrested livestreamers recording the vigil. Really? Chris Hedges' speech here. More photos here.

“This is a sad day. I was a medic in Vietnam. I watched soldiers commit suicide. I had soldiers’ brains all over my lap. How can you do this? How can you arrest me for being at a war memorial?” - Photojournalist and Vietnam veteran Mike Hastie, the first arrested.