Further for 2012-10-02

Tuesday, October 2, 2012
Good News You People! Ryan Only Thinks 30% of You Are Moochers, Losers and Welfare Queens!
In a newly unearthed video of his keynote speech at an American Spectator dinner last year, Paul Ryan offers an eerie preview of Romney's now-infamous 47% remarks, charging that 70% of the country...
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Murder, Environmental Devastation and Human Rights Abuses Are Bad, Even In Nigeria
Embroiled in a pivotal Supreme Court case in which they are charged with complicity in killings, torture and other crimes that left 800 dead and 30,000 displaced from their homes, all in the name of...
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Oops: WSJ Forgot to Tell Us Most of Its Op-Ed Writers Are Romney Advisers
In a lapse of journalistic ethics deemed inexcusable by pretty much anyone who knows anything about journalistic ethics, the Wall Street Journal failed to disclose that ten of its op-ed writers -...
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The Throwaway People
With the calamitous "war" on drugs claiming its three latest hapless victims - a border patrol agent in Arizona, a mother of five in California, a guy in Tennessee who lived in the house next to an...
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Just Get In
Colbert blasts the "liberal hacks" at Fox News for asking Ryan to explain how across-the-table tax cuts will save, not bankrupt, the economy. Peasants don't need math, he insists - just trust.
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Wake the F*ck Up Redux
In the wake of a profanity-laced Samuel Jackson video for Obama that's gone viral, a rebuttal that cites drone attacks, increased surveillance and too many civilian deaths in Pakistan as "grounds for...
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