Further for 2012-09-05

Wednesday, September 5, 2012
Bummer: Rock the Red, Or What Happens When Conservatives Throw A Really Pathetic Party and Almost Nobody Comes
A break-out “Conservapalooza” rally outside Charlotte to oppose what those commies are doing at their convention hasn't gone quite as planned when music headliners quit, organizers charging that...
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A Black Kid, A Lying Cop
A too-familiar tale from Maryland, where newly released video of a February incident shows officer Donald Taylor pistol-whipping Ryan Dorm, 19, with a loaded gun that goes off; Taylor claimed assault...
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The Other Nakba
Did you soak up a long, hot, oblivious shower this morning, send your kids off with their requisite water bottle, blithely throw a load in the washer? Under Israel's policy of water apartheid, most...
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Getting A Chance
For those who can't handle watching these things on the tee vee, highlights from the DNC. Most striking and modestly heartening: Cameras show a multi-colored audience that looks roughly like America...
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