Further for 2012-06-01

Friday, June 1, 2012
Warning to US Journalists: Do NOT Ask Difficult Questions of Powerful CEOs
As Congressional staffers realized journalist Mike Elk's question to Honeywell CEO David Cote wasn't a softball about entrepreneurs in corporate America, but a serious question on labor practices and...
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Zimmerman Bail Revoked: "Flat Out Lied"
A Florida judge Friday revoked bail for George Zimmerman and ordered him back to jail because Zimmerman lied about his finances. With Zimmerman's credibility a key issue, Trayvon Martin's family...
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Arrêtez-Moi Quelqu’un! (Someone Stop Me!)
With negotiations between Quebec protesters and government officials at a stalemate, a new site is posting photos of those choosing to disobey Special Law 78, which suspends the right to freedom of...
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The Failure of Austerity: Soup Kitchens in the Birthplace of Democracy
A recession has become a depression in Greece, where an economy run by "a group of gangsters" is hurting all the wrong people. Echoes of ancient cultural reference points from Sisyphus to Icarus, and...
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The Difference Between You and A Corporation
Remember when regular folks caused the recession? We don't either. Here are lots of them saying they're pissed at 16 multinational corporations for the harm they've done. With proof they've done it...
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