Further for 2012-05-03

Thursday, May 3, 2012
First Bankers In Hell
Surreal: Ana Casas-Wilson, a disabled woman in California facing eviction - and offering a good-faith mortgage payment to prevent it - was arrested after she and 80 supporters protested outside the...
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Uprooting Trees and Lives
The latest lofty move by the Middle East's self-professed only democracy: Israel has ordered Palestinian farmers in Deir Istiya, a West Bank village, to uproot at least 1,400 olive trees they have...
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Crack That Wrist, Man Up, Give Him A Good Punch, You Were Made By God To Be A Male, and Amen
Sean Harris, the "pastor" of a North Carolina Baptist Church, got some flak after advising congregants to beat the crap out of their sons - aka "squash like a cockroach" - if they're "dropping the...
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Credit Card Death Art: Dude, Once They Get Hold of You
May Day events in Los Angeles brought out surfer dude and artist Cain Motter, who melts credit cards into art and sells it to protest - and pay off - credit card debt. A mixed but cool message. "Just...
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