Further for 2012-04-02

Monday, April 2, 2012
When A Man Loves A Woman
For reasons we may never know - or want to - Bob Carey decided to pay tribute to his wife Linda's nine-year battle with breast cancer and "her power, her beauty, and her spirit" with The Tutu Project...
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From Vonnegut To Tucson, Books Are Sacred to Free People For Good Reasons
Not content with banning Hispanic studies and other subversive reading just from high schools, Arizona's superintendent of schools wants to do the same at universities, where teachers learned "this...
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The Bradford Spring: Atoning for Invasion
A stunning upset victory in a U.K. election has gone to George Galloway, a fierce critic of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and leader of aid convoys to Gaza who blasted the mainstream parties as "...
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Goldman Sachs On Sex Trafficking: Uncomfortable With the Direction, At Least When Asked About It
Goldman Sachs has scrambled to sell off its 16% stake in a company that owns Backpage.com , the country's top site for sex trafficking of minors, after Nicholas Kristof revealed it in a column...
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