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Romney (Hearts) Elevators For Cars, Not So Much For People With Disabilities

by Abby Zimet

Okay, so first Mitt Romney told that hilarious story about his dad laying off all those workers. Then, after news leaked that the renovation/demolition of his $12 million California beach house would quadruple the space, came word that it would add a car lift for his four-car garage, with the entire unholy project overseen by its own lobbyist. Now, with so many Americans living in cardboard lean-tos on the windswept streets and all, his campaign "advisers" have said maybe they'll just etch-a-sketch away the ole car elevator for now, ie: until after the election. Alas, they couldn't (yet) nix the revelation that, in 2006, Gov. Romney vetoed two bills that would have upgraded elevators for the disabled, arguing they'd be “nice to have" but not worth raiding "rainy day funds." Buzzfeed reports he did, however, keep a private elevator in the statehouse locked exclusively for his personal use; when he left, it was reopened for general use. Whoah. Can you spell S-L-I-M-E?

Not good or big enough, nope, no way, must tear down.

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