Further for 2012-03-07

Wednesday, March 7, 2012
Anonymous Takes Down "Corrupt" Vatican
The Italian branch of Anonymous took down the Vatican website in retaliation for the Roman Catholic Church's misdeeds throughout history and "the absurd and anachronistic concepts your for-profit...
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Game On! Justice for the Unborn, Hope for our Nation, Other Good Stuff!
Haley and Camille Harris, two home-schooled pastor’s daughters from Oklahoma, have written a catchy excruciable song for Rick Santorum. They've never been to public school or bought a magazine, but...
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The Elephant In the Womb, Coming to A State Near You
With the war on women's health in full and unprecedented swing - the latest assaults come in Utah and Texas - ThinkProgress has created an interactive map of the most restrictive measures moving...
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Netanyahu to Obama: Not Quite the Whole Megillah
Not known for subtlety, Israel's Netanyahu gave Obama a Scroll of Esther, telling the ancient story of a plot by Persia, today's Iran, to annihilate the Jews; he called it "background reading,"...
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