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GOP in Maine Though Also Pretty Much Everywhere Else: OOPS

by Abby Zimet

Much like Iowa only worse, Maine Republicans evidently misspoke when they announced Romney won the state's caucuses. It seems some counties hadn't even met yet and others might have been miscounted and in fact Ron Paul - who supposedly lost by 200 votes - might have won, so sorry but could the local "leaders" please resend their vote totals and this time they'll try not to screw them up? Ron Paul’s campaign called the exclusion of some results  “inexplicable," which kind of resonates for us. Rachel Maddow has much more on the possibly historic Maine fiasco. And proving the old maxim that, As Maine Goes, So Goes the Nation, a new survey finds that nobody likes Republicans, citing "a collapse of the Republican brand at almost all levels." We can't imagine why.

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