Further for 2012-02-15

Wednesday, February 15, 2012
Delighted To Participate: Occupy Fiscal Gurus Take On, In Depth, the SEC
Fighting Wall Street on their own turf, Occupy 's dirty hippies and know-nothing malingerers have fired off a 325-page comment letter to the SEC that methodically, passionately defends the Volcker...
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A Whole Lotta Crazy: Sacred Sperm, Guns at Work, Public Hangings and Other News of the Weird and Awful
We dunno: Is there more crazy out there than ever? Maybe it's just that the latest - a Maine law letting you bring your gun to work and an Iowa bishop urging believers to "violently oppose"...
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Heartland Exposed: Inside the Climate Denial Machine
Leaked internal documents from the Heartland Institute show the move to create an anti-climate-change curriculum for kids is a small part of a well-oiled machine to discredit climate change science...
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