Further for 2012-01-20

Friday, January 20, 2012
SOPA Loses. Internet, and Its Random Marvels, Wins
After much online uproar, the sponsor of SOPA is pulling the bill, killing the chances for now of anti-piracy legislation. Critics applauded its end as a victory for grassroots democracy; it also...
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The Koch Congressional Caucus: We (Heart) the Koch Bros and They (Heart) Us
A rundown on the five senators and 40 Congressional representatives who scored a perfect 100% - and lots of money - from the Koch brothers’ Americans For Prosperity for their votes on climate change...
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The Puppet's Court
Banned from a federal courthouse for the racketeering trial of local county commissioner Jimmy Dimora, a Cleveland TV station is reporting the circus-like proceedings using puppets and real...
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GOP Debate Redux: Creepy Guys Try To Outdo Each Other In Creepiness
These people get more and more awful. Gingrich thinks traditional marriage is between a man and a woman and another woman and what's your problem? Romney gets booed for smirking that he might release...
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