Further for 2012-01-05

Thursday, January 5, 2012
CIA Teleported Obama to Mars At Least Twice. Or Not.
Two “chrononauts” who took part in a secret CIA intergalactic program in the early 1980s say they saw President Obama, aka Barry Soetero, on Mars after he was teleported there for a mission wherein...
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The Company He Keeps
A former aide and two former colleagues of Gov. Scott Walker have been arrested on charges that include fraud, embezzlement from a fund for wounded veterans and families of military killed in Iraq...
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From the Ever-Vigilant IDF, A Vanishing Dome of the Rock
Israel’s military rabbis just gave educational packets to soldiers for Hanukkah, “The Festival of Jewish Heroism,” in which Jerusalem’s Temple Mount was miraculously scrubbed clean of the Dome of the...
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Speechless in New Hampshire: On Socage and Chattels and Knights
All (18) GOP eyes now on New Hampshire, where lawmakers are about to consider a GOP bill requiring new legislation to find its direct origin in an 800-year-old, English feudal barons' declaration of...
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