Further for 2011-10-27

Thursday, October 27, 2011
If Land Was Money
If land was distributed like wealth, here's what the country would look like. About three million people get the big chunk; 278 million of us are jammed into the little strip - though as one...
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You Did This To My Brother
The condition of anti-war veteran Scott Olsen, shot in the head in Oakland, has been upgraded to 'fair,' but rage against the police and actions in response - by IVAW, OccupyMARINES, Occu py Oakland...
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Jones for President!
Oh Hell At This Point Why Not Dept: Wingnut Terry Jones, last seen burning the Quran, starting a riot and shooting himself in the foot, is running for president. Most alarming part of this news: His...
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Health As A Human Right
A new report from the UN argues , essentially and entirely logically, that countries should stop telling women what to do with their bodies - that restricting access to abortion or contraception...
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